Paving Paths to Justice: The Role of Consulting in Driving Reform

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Experienced professionals in the justice system have witnessed the rise and fall of various practices, some successful and others unsuccessful. Thankfully, years of research have led to the development of evidence-based, data- and trauma-informed practices. These practices take into account past successes and failures, providing tools, resources, and platforms that maximize opportunities. By adhering to these practices and utilizing the associated tools and platforms, the number of incarcerated individuals can decrease while positive behavior change increases. 

As justice professionals, we understand the fluctuating trends in the field. That's why working with seasoned justice consultants is not only sensible but also essential for driving reform. There are several reasons why consulting services offer numerous benefits to justice system professionals and the communities they serve. 

Expanded Expertise  

Our consulting services at the Carey Group involve collaboration among multiple practitioners with extensive firsthand experience. Our team comprises former executives, managers, and direct service professionals who have served in federal, state, and local government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. This diverse expertise from across the nation brings a well-rounded perspective to address your organization's unique needs. Whether you are considering changes in implementation, aiming to achieve justice reform goals, or facing challenges in the process, our knowledgeable consultants can provide guidance and support throughout all stages of reform. For more information about our team, please visit our "Who We Are" page.


Evidenced-based and Data-informed 

Establishing and maintaining an evidence-based and data-informed framework within your organization requires specific steps. Whether you are transforming a youth detention center into a community-based resource, seeking better methods for determining appropriate levels of supervision, exploring ways to balance public safety and community involvement, or contemplating organizational changes to enhance responses and outcomes, the tools and practices you employ are crucial. Our consultants work closely with your organization to assess current needs, identify evidence-based and data-informed practices aligned with your objectives, and provide support during the implementation process.


Responsive Solutions

Consultants excel at offering responsive solutions to specific problems. Sometimes, when we are deeply involved in our own organizations, we may struggle to see clear and attainable solutions to the challenges we face. As impartial entities, our consultants collaborate with your organization to understand your needs, evaluate existing resources, and propose solutions that address the requirements of your team. Throughout this process, they can also help identify additional evidence-based practices and tools designed to enhance justice reform outcomes.


Resources for Everyone

Providing solutions, especially evidence-based tools, and resources, necessitates training for those involved in implementation. At the Carey Group, our consultants offer staff training on recommended tools and resources, which can be delivered in various formats. Additionally, we provide informative guides, workbooks, and other supplemental resources to support employees at all levels of your organization. These tools, intended for use by justice professionals, also benefit individuals with justice involvement. When justice professionals are equipped with evidence-based, data- and trauma-informed tools and resources, outcomes for individuals with justice involvement improve, leading to positive change within communities.


Affordable, Trusted Options

As long-term consulting professionals, we are well aware of the budgetary constraints within the justice system. Given our background in the field, we understand the importance of meeting budget deadlines and adhering to stipulations. Our team will collaborate with your organization to establish pricing options that align with your needs. Many of our online resources are deliberately priced to ensure easy and affordable access throughout the year. 

To gain familiarity with our products and learn how we support justice professionals in reform initiatives and outcomes, we encourage you to explore two resources: the Carey Group Products and Services Guide and the Building and Sustaining an EBP Organization: Checklist + Action Plan Worksheet. 

By connecting with a Carey Group consultant, you can improve outcomes, leadership skills, and your ability to implement and maintain healthy, productive organizational strategies. 

Carey Group’s evidence-based training and consulting services address the needs of the justice system and behavioral health professionals. Training is an essential tool for keeping staff, supervisors, leadership, and stakeholders up to date with emerging knowledge and expectations for improved outcomes. Carey Group offers in-person, online, and self-directed courses on evidence-based practices, motivational interviewing, core professional competencies, case planning and management, continuous quality improvement, coaching, and the use of behavior-change tools and supervisor resources.