Research and practice have repeatedly demonstrated that effective tools and practices fall far short of their potential when sufficient quality assurance techniques are not put in place. Justice systems and behavioral health agencies often find that, over time, intended practices and procedures are either performed inconsistently or not in accordance with the trained methods. Carey Group helps mitigate this outcome by working with agencies to establish intentional and structured quality reviews, coaching, and other improvement processes designed to reinforce desired practices and identify and redirect practices that are out of alignment with the desired behavior.

TCG 12-1

What's Included

Our quality assurance (QA) & continuous quality improvement (CQI) services address the needs of juvenile and criminal justice system and behavioral health agencies.

Quality assurance (QA) is a process that retrospectively examines practices to identify and correct divergence from policy or protocol. QA is both necessary and invaluable; however, without a continuous quality improvement (CQI) component, it can lead to staff masking deficiencies and/or working toward gaining acceptable scores (i.e., compliance) rather than mastering important skills.


CQI is a collaborative approach between the person engaged in the use of the professional skills and the individual conducting the CQI process. Each party mutually seeks to learn and grow the organization and the individual, and achieve incremental improvements toward the attainment of more effective outcomes.


Carey Group assists agencies in:

  • Determining QA and CQI needs
  • Identifying QA and CQI priorities
  • Developing a QA and/or CQI plan


Carey Group works with executives, managers, supervisors, and staff in justice systems and behavioral health settings. Our goal is to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your organization’s mission and maximize your opportunities for success. 


Carey Group assists agencies by: 

  • Developing QA and CQI tools 
  • Providing training to managers and others on QA and CQI purposes, principles, and strategies
  • Assisting supervisors in effective coaching techniques and strategies

Features and Benefits

Carey Group’s quality assurance & continuous quality improvement services are:


Carey Group works with agencies to develop an infrastructure and action plan to ensure that QA plans are implemented and sustained with fidelity over time.


CQI relies on an approach that is built on partnership. Carey Group collaborates closely with you and your team and mutually seeks to work toward the attainment of effective outcomes and growth.


Carey Group customizes our QA/CQI services to meet your organization’s specific needs.

"Carey Group is a remarkable team of individuals. They are responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. And, they are front and center in offering products, training, and technical assistance on current and emerging best practices."

Statewide Probation Education Manager

"I knew many years ago that we had the capacity and experience to embark on organizational change, but we needed some additional help to coordinate, support, and guide our efforts. With Carey Group’s assistance, we were able to implement evidence-based practices in a successful, sustainable way."

Community Corrections Director, Midwestern State

"One of the best efforts I ever engaged in was convincing my boss that we needed to reach out to Carey Group for consultation and collaboration. Working with you has been a highlight of my career."

Probation Chief, Midwestern State

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