For more information about the implementation of evidence-based practices, case management, and other topics of interest, download our infographics.

8 Core Principles of Evidence-Based Practices

Combining eight scientifically-proven concepts when using evidence-based practices has been shown to result in a greater reduction of criminal recidivism. Download our infographic to view these eight principles. 

5 Essential Elements of Trauma-Informed Care

 A trauma-informed approach is critical when working with individuals who are involved in the justice system, abusing substances, or experiencing mental health issues. This approach to care recognizes that these populations are often disproportionately affected by experiences of trauma, including physical and emotional abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, and more. 

6 Key Factors to Improve Justice Staff Training

Agencies must have a comprehensive plan to reinforce and support ongoing professional development if they want their training to be effective. This plan should include strategies such as coaching, providing feedback, and recognizing achievements to ensure that the training takes hold and leads to meaningful improvements.

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