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A Sad Farewell, a Welcome Hello

After nearly 4 wonderful years, The Carey Group sadly says goodbye to Erin King, our Training Coordinator extraordinaire. Erin King joined TCG in 2015 and quickly earned a national reputation for her extraordinary training skills. Erin will be leaving The Carey Group to accept a locally-based position, one that offers many new opportunities and a lot less plane travel.

And now, a welcome hello! We are delighted to announce that our nationally recognized colleague Susan Burke will be taking on TCG’s Training Coordinator duties.

IN DYS Aligns Community Corrections Grants with EBP

Over the course of the last year, TCG has been assisting Indiana’s Division of Youth Services (IDOC-DYS) to support local juvenile community corrections statewide to align policies and practices with evidence-based practices. DYS is involving community corrections, probation, parole, and Annie E. Casey Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) agencies in these activities.

The goal of TCG’s assistance is to assist INDOC-DYS efforts in aligning state and local activities around EBP. This has resulted in:

Evidence-Based Policies and Procedures in Medina County (Ohio)

“Policy-driven” is more than a buzz word in the Medina County (Ohio) Adult Probation Department; it’s a business practice. TCG assisted the department in aligning their policies with EBP by:

  • Reorganizing the structure of the policy manual itself;
  • Modifying existing policies to ensure that each is clear on its principles, goals, and EBP research support;
  • Developed 22 new policies; and
  • Created a policy on—creating and implementing new policies!

Los Angeles Probation Goes Big on EBP Training

The Los Angeles County Probation Department, the largest of its kind in the nation, engaged The Carey Group (TCG) to support staff in the further development of their EBP knowledge and skills. Over the course of 6 months, TCG conducted 35 courses for line staff, supervisors, and trainers. 870 copies of training materials were distributed!

TCG was privileged to provide L.A. line staff, supervisors and in-house trainers with the following courses, customized to align with the department’s newly released EBP policies and procedures.

Alameda Strategic Planning

The Carey Group has been privileged to work with the Alameda County Probation Department over the course of 7 months to develop their 5-year strategic plan “Vision 2023.” The plan’s key goals aim to enhance EBP, support to victims, external partnerships, and the staff and workplace. View the plan.

IDOC Case Management Project

The Carey Group is honored to work with IN DOC—already a leader in reentry and risk reduction—on case management practices in their adult prisons. Through a 3-year skill building & strategic planning process, case management staff are partnering with Deputy Wardens to more closely align facility operations with EBP. Follow their work at #CareyOn.

TOD (Tools on Devices)

We are proud to announce that “TOD” (Tools on Devices) has arrived! TOD is a platform that presents Carey Guides and BITS tools as fillable forms accessible on smartphones, tablets, and all other internet equipped devices. Watch our video to learn more about TOD!

Now Available: Parenting Workbooks!

Two parenting workbooks are now available as a result of an 18-month project spearheaded by the Pennsylvania Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers and the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, with technical assistance from The Carey Group. These workbooks are designed to help probation officers work with caregivers whose loved ones are involved in the juvenile justice system. The first workbook, Dealing with Frustrations, helps caregivers when youth do not comply with expectations.

Looking Back at 2017

As we look back at 2017, The Carey Group and Carey Group Publishing are proud to have been part of the enormous changes happening in criminal and juvenile justice agencies across the country. We have supported agencies in California, Minnesota, and Ohio in developing strategic plans and protocols that aim to improve outcomes for justice-involved individuals.

Structured Worksheets Yield Positive Results

According to a recent study conducted by the research unit of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS), the use of structured worksheets, such as Carey Guide tools, results in lower recidivism rates, fewer violations, increased offender engagement, and other positive outcomes.