Alameda Strategic Planning

The Carey Group has been privileged to work with the Alameda County Probation Department over the course of 7 months to develop their 5-year strategic plan “Vision 2023.” The plan’s key goals aim to enhance EBP, support to victims, external partnerships, and the staff and workplace. View the plan.

TCG worked with a cross-section of the 600+ person department to develop the probation department’s Vision 2023 strategic plan. In addition to aligning with the County’s “Vision 2026” strategic plan, the probation department’s plan defines a new vision and mission, guiding principles, and six core goals as follows:

Our Vision

The Alameda County Probation Department is committed to making our communities the safest in the nation.

Our Mission

To support and restore communities by providing compassionate supervision and accountability to justice-involved youth and adults, and to provide preventive and rehabilitative services through evidence-based practices and collaborative partnerships.

Our Guiding Principles

We are committed to being an organization that:

  • empowers staff and promotes respectful, forthright communication;
  • engages collaboratively with our stakeholders and the community;
  • promotes diversity and cultural awareness;
  • embodies integrity and ethical conduct;
  • uses research and data to inform practice;
  • provides gender-responsive and trauma-informed care;
  • strives for continuous process improvements through innovation driven by performance-based operations; and
  • honors the belief that people can change.

Goal 1

A commitment to the success of every client and their family

Goal 2

A robust system of wraparound client services and continuity of care

Goal 3

A vibrant and exemplary workforce

Goal 4

A high-functioning, data-driven organization

Goal 5

A network of partnerships fostering a safe community

Goal 6

A victim-centered approach supporting those impacted by crime